TopicLaying Horses to Lose - 3 Top Tips For Successfully Laying Horses on Betfair

  • Wed 13th Sep 2017 - 10:48am

    Sometimes you may feel pity for a player who is losing a lot of money and still keeps playing like a fish, this may lead you to play with some kind of mercy to him, and you'll earn less money than you could. Earning less The Profit Method Review money than you could is the same as losing money, so if you show mercy you are losing money and you are not playing poker correctly.

    One of the advantages you have when you are playing online poker instead of brick and mortar poker is that you don't see the face of your opponent. You must show no mercy when playing poker and then if you want you can give away part of your winnings to charity if that relieves you.

    Some merciful actions are for example on a pot you have nuts and the other player has invested a lot of money into it, let's imagine a $50 pot, if you got another $50, bet them all on the river. Even if you know the other player will get busted by that action, do not bet $30 if you think he will call $50. If you didn't earn those $20 is the same as if you lost them.
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