TopicWhat Are the Causes of Nearsightedness? - How to Reduce Myopia

  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 10:01am

    In addition, great glasses should offer the best vision Divine Vision 12 Review protection. Vision safety is one of the most important factors to be considered if people want to buy eyeglasses. Therefore, great eye wear should offer much better vision protection than other regular similar products. For example, they should block 100% UV rays and glares, which can cause great damage to eyes; and these professional eye wears can play the best role in vision protection, no matter under what circumstances are they used.
    Originally, color contact lenses had only one purpose: to correct vision in all discretion. For several years now, the contact lenses are not only corrective, they are cosmetic. These color lenses make it possible to change eye color in a simple and fast. Several manufacturers offer such products. The record is more or less natural. It depends on the type of lens chosen (translucent or opaque), the original color of eyes and the intensity of the color of the lenses selected. The leading manufacturer on the market is Ciba-Vision (Freshlook brand) but other brands are also launching this niche as aqua lens.

    The special effects are all soft Color contact lenses. These lenses have the peculiarity of being a larger diameter than the cornea. The Violet Colored Contacts also called color flexible hydrophilic lenses contain between 40 and 80% water. They are so permeable to oxygen that provides maximum comfort and softness. In most cases, the Violet Colored Contacts also allow for color vision correction. According to manufacturers, the degree of correction varies from - 6.00 to - 8.00. Soft lenses are generally used color for daily wear with monthly replacement lenses. The price ranges generally around € 15 a pair for use during a month.

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