TopicAutomated FX Trading - Your Key to Making More Profits As a Trader

  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 6:28am

    Don't mix with Forex Automoney forecasts of any other Renegade Crypto Club Review trading technique- A common mistake that trader do, is combining with the Forex Automoney forecasts other trading techniques' forecasts. When doing so, you actually don't trade by any of the techniques' recommendations, you combining the two techniques' recommendations and trade by what seems to you as best at a certain point. The trading results are not relevant to any of the individual techniques, there is no systematic way to conclude when and how you open positions, it causes traders not be able to have one clear trading method, no trading system, and losing money fast.

    Follow exactly the Forex Automoney forecast, without any interpretation - it is imperative to follow exactly the Buy/ Sell signals at the points that were given to you. If you told to take profit on a certain price, don't take profit before that, the same regards stop loss, don't close the position before it reaches the price that were given to you. The main reason for that is the statistic the Forex Automoney has, the platform can't be right on any forecast it provides, there are positions that will end up with losing money. The key element is that in average of the successful positions and the ratio between how many pips successful positions make, and how many pips you lose with unsuccessful positions, you have a positive balance, and this is what counts. If a trader won't take the whole profit for some of the positions which were recommended by Forex Automoney, the wholes trading statistic that the Forex Automoney calibrates by would shatter into little pieces.

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