Topic Are You Playing Subtle Victim Games and Not Realizing It?

  • Thu 14th Jun 2018 - 11:20am

    So, now you are good to go. Being successful is not just about Spiritual Laws Of Money Review making money online. Being successful is about being physically, mentally, spiritually and financially all you can be. If you make a lot of money but become physically unhealthy or alienate your friends and family along the way, then you are not successful. The money itself will not make you happy unless you make sure everything else is good in your life.

    Journal writing is a great way to check in honestly with your self, set goals and tackle challenges. Make your journal your constant companion. You can make one journal work really hard for you and perform all kinds of functions.

    You can use your journal to explore your feelings, make them conscious and examine where unwanted feelings are coming from. You can release overwhelming feelings in a safe way and disentangle and demystify the ones that are perplexing. You can connect the dots between what you are feeling on the inside and what is happening on the outside.

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