TopicSuccess Secret - 4 Simple Steps to Achieving What You Want in Your Life

  • Thu 24th May 2018 - 11:56am

    Have you converted your desires into formal goals, Spiritual Laws Of Money Review or are they just ideas, hopes and dreams with no real plans to make them a reality? Are you still doing things the same way you have always done things - and expecting a different outcome? The whole world is changing around you, but are you changing with it? Are you becoming a victim of change? Are you willing to embrace change? Are you prepared to try new ways of doing things, or are you set in your ways wondering why you are not progressing? Are you the old dog that can not learn any new tricks?

    The saying, "you never stop learning" is true. But, it is only helpful if you are prepared to personally commit to learning new things.

    The truth is; there has been more change in the last three decades, than in the past 2000 years.

    Given such conditions, the natural survival instinct is to cling to what you know. It is a bit like clinging to a life raft when a ship is is the safest thing to do. But is it? The ship of life is not sinking. It is just changing direction and you can either stay on board and ride the tides of change, or cling to the life raft of hope.


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