TopicReducing the Risk of Alzheimers

  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 11:37am

    In the meantime, try to engage in some of the brain-healthy activities listed here. Take a break from your computer,   Focus Max go for a brisk walk, run or bike ride in the sun that will fire up your brain cells with oxygen! Then grab a cup of brain-boosting java, find your daily newspaper, and give the crossword puzzle a try. You just gave your body and brain a good workout and boosted your memory power!
    If there were an identifiable cause of ADHD, then it would be infinitely easier to prevent and cure the condition. Unfortunately, there is no single, simple cause of ADHD. Western medicine believes that it is caused by a deficiency in key neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine. When doctors make an ADHD diagnosis, they prescribe medications to temporarily correct this imbalance. However, ADHD is not simply a matter of a chemical imbalance, and to think that it can be simply cured by a pill is a very narrow, short-sighted view of the condition.

    A little known fact about ADHD is that it is a spectrum disorder - a condition that affects each individual in different ways. Every person diagnosed with ADHD experiences a different combination of symptoms because ADHD is caused by a complex set of factors. Brain chemistry is only one of them. Although one article is hardly enough to give a complete discussion on the many possible causes of ADHD, what you will learn here is an alternative perspective on how ADHD develops in a person.


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