Topic Three Tried and Tested Ways to Remove Moles From Your Face

  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 6:35am

    The date for his operation was fixed when his boss (a patient of mine) asked Venorex him to come to see me for a second opinion. Although he was reluctant to cancel the surgery and consider another diagnosis, I was able to convince him that the diagnosis was wrong and that surgery would not solve his problem. Even if the bulge on that particular lumbar disc (between L4 and L5) scratched the nerve root, the sensation or pain would not be felt above the knee; it would go down the side of the calf to the ankle. Where he experienced the sensation in the thigh comes from upper lumbar vertebrae (Ll, L2 and L3). Operating on a lower lumbar disc simply would not affect the pain.

    I asked him how much water. coffee and alcohol he drank and how much salt he consumed. He drank hardly any water but several cups of coffee daily and wine regularly; he also liked salt. I explained that these dietary habits could lead to dehydration and soreness in the kidney (upper lumbar) area. The kidneys are actually embedded in the lumbar muscles, so whenever there is a problem with them, the lumbar muscles get sore and very tight. This can irritate the nerve roots in that area and cause this type of symptom. Sometimes it even results in lumbago or lower backache, as lumbar muscles are attached to the lower part of the spine - the sacrum. His skepticism evaporated as he realised the logic of what I was saying.

    When I examined his back and touched the lumbar area, he felt the pain immediately. I massaged the whole of the spine, focusing on the lumbar region. When he got up from the couch, the sensations in his thigh were gone. He touched the areas that had bothered him and they were no longer sensitive.

  • Fri 4th May 2018 - 5:50pm

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