TopicBeware - The Dark Side of Natural Penis Enlargement

  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 2:04pm

    A device commonly called an extender or stretcher or Member XXL Review traction device is a lightweight frame that is worn on the penis whilst flaccid. It is usually worn for between 5-8 hours and has the effect of applying a gentle stretching force to cause the cells of your member to split and grow.Extenders have come along way since they first hit the market around 15 years ago. Today the smart consumer can take advantage of medically endorsed Type 1 devices that have been clinically proven to be successful for 97% of users. Gone are the days when penis enhancement products were fantasy items advertised in porn magazines.Real and safe penis enlargement is possible but you need to do your research and choose companies with reputable products that have proven themselves.

    It has been said that size doesn't matter when it comes to sex. But most women actually daydream about making love with someone with a big package beneath those pants. Yes, if they were asked to choose between an average-sized penis and a thick, big one, they'd definitely prefer the latter. If the reason still remains as a mystery to men, here are some confessions made by women as to why they want their partners to have bigger and thicker manhood.The bigger the package, the more pleasing to the eyes. Looking at big packages ready for action easily turn women on. Even at the sight of them, women could already go gaga. A big manhood also makes up for the other personalities that the man lacks.Makes woman's orgasms better. It is a fact that women can achieve more satisfying orgasms easily with big penises. It creates better friction with the clitoris and G spot and sends longer and firmer strokes in the women's insides. With these added satisfaction, they would really crave for more.

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