TopicLooking Into Heart Disease in Women

  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 12:43pm

    How could a country function without a well-developed system of roads? Very poorly actually! Blood Pressure Decreaser Try to think of your blood stream as a series of highways inside your body to not only deliver vital goods to all parts of your body (such as oxygen), but it also removes all the bad "garbage" as well. The heart makes sure all of this functions properly.

    LDL Cholesterol - The Bad Guys!

    The Different Types of Cholesterol Explained

    While changes in diet can lower LDL levels, genetic propensities can make it difficult for some to use diet alone to reduce LDL top generally accepted "safe" levels. For those individuals, doctors typically prescribe one of several medications designed to work with changes in diet to lower one's LDL levels.

    It is important for adults to have their cholesterol levels checked routinely so that changes in diet can be charted to determine whether changes in diet alone will be sufficient to control the LDL for a specific individual.

    If changes in diet are not sufficient to control LDL, then drug treatments can be chosen to assist the body in reducing LDL levels.

    Especially in the United States, cholesterol is considered a major health issue, linked to segments of the population that are overweight. Public efforts to lower cholesterol include attempts to disclose the cholesterol levels of foods sold in stores and in restaurants in some states, as well as public advertising campaigns by drug manufacturers promoting both their cholesterol-controlling drugs and the importance of reducing LDL.
    A new study showed that jobs may increase the risk of developing some heart diseases such as coronary heart disease. This study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.



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    i love that post

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