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  • Tue 14th Feb 2017 - 4:53am

    Each company has its own set of problems in business. Whether they need support on finances, engineering, marketing or any other stream, these problems are constant. Most people hire consultancies to work out these problems but, there are some other ways also. All these businesses either need an influx of fund or some ideas, to make them afloat and competitive. Isaac Mildemberg provides this influx of capital. He is a venture capitalist and an expert consultant that provides his services to all companies, whether small-scale businesses, start-ups, or industry leaders. Each company is different and requires his assistance & services in a different stream. He has experience of working with companies of different streams. The knowledge he shares with business owners is precious for them and such expertise helps reach them become the industry leaders.

    Isaac Mildemberg having a plethora of contacts in the business world helps your company reach your goals in whichever way possible. Whether a company wishes to launch its IPO (Initial Public Offer) or wants to expand its operations globally, Isaac Mildemberg is the guy you want to get in touch with. Having past experience in merger and promotion of companies, he stands like a wall to fall back upon for his clients. He not only owns shares and manages a wide range of companies but also promotes incubation centers for ideas where business models are developed and funded by him.

    Isaac Mildemberg lives in Spain and provides services to companies and businesses across the world. Such expert knowledge of diverse markets is hard to find and, his clients have been happy to concur that. All his clients have rated him highly and have instated him as directors, presidents or key managerial personnel such as the Chief Executive Officer of the company at some or the other time, to use his vast pool of knowledge and resources.

    One of the most recommended consultants in the business, Isaac Mildemberg is one man to call when you need to expand, diversify or even save your business, from the vulture venture capitalists around.

  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 11:48pm

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