TopicFAP Turbo - Forex Trading Need Not Be Your Husband's Mistress, FAP Turbo Will See to That

  • Wed 14th Mar 2018 - 11:12am

    The problem (and opportunity) is that the technician's charts GPS Trader of where the price has been and fundamentalist's knowledge of what the price should be are often in conflict with each other due to the lag affect with the market having to react to new fundamental conditions. Major market movement can be created by the more unpredictable affect of the overall psychology of speculators and how they will react (or not react) to market predictions from the market fundamentals when they are in conflict with the past sentiment bench mark pressures on charts.

    Usually at the beginning of important market moves, the fundamentals do not explain or support what the market seems to be doing. It is at these critical times in the trend that the two approaches seem to differ the most and also the critical time in which savvy traders can take positions to profit from a coming price movement that has not yet happened. Once analyzed, the issue often comes down to one of skillfully working out timing to take a position and predicted a safe price level to exit a position with a profit.

    Usually the market price and fundamental conditions come back into sync at some point, but by then, it is often too late for the inexperienced trader to act while the informed trader has taken advantage of the period when the price and market have been out of sync. If you are new to trading forex and want to successfully trade without having years of experience, this can be achieved using forex robot trading.



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