TopicBlades & Triggers: Leading Source to Get Top-Quality Self Protection Devices

  • Wed 14th Mar 2018 - 11:04am

    Watching kung-fu movies full of pretentious fight scenes is sufficient to encourage anyone to learn tricks and strategies of martial arts. But when it comes to people who work in military, defense or any other life-threatening environment, it is imperative to have top-quality self protection devices . Well, Blades & Triggers is the best source where you can find a plethora of self protection devices such survival hunting knife, compound bows, ring mounts, pistols, reflex sights, holsters and other tactical equipment.

    Blades & Triggers is a trusted online store to purchase high-quality self defense devices at affordable prices. Blades & Triggers opened its first retail store in the year 1997 at East Rand Traders square; since then it has continuously expanded its operations and has earned a big name in the industry with its quality products. All products available at the online shop of Blades & Triggers are categorized in perfect ways that made it easier for you to get your required self-defense equipment.

    Listed below are the products available at Blades & Triggers:

    · Knives and Swords: They offer a wide variety of knives and swords having different features. If you want to have ultimate protection for yourself, then you should purchase their folding knives, survival hunting knife , swords, diving knives and even tactical pens.

    · Tactical gear and apparel: When it comes to purchasing tactical gear for airsoft game, you can purchase bipods/tripods, vests, chest rigs, flashlights and lasers, slings, rifles, pistols batteries and other air soft accessories.

    · Optics and accessories: Blades & Triggers is also known for offering optics and accessories that are very helpful for professionals who need self defense products to have a great protection. They offer scopes, mounts, ring mounts, trail cams, range finders, reflex sights and much more.

    Along with this, Blades & Triggers is also the one-stop-shop for purchasing paintball accessories such as hoppers, Ammo, masks and triggers and airguns for sale online. Blades & Triggers' finest selection of products, quality services, profound knowledge of the industry and reputation are some attributes that made them establish its top position in the industry for delivering self defense tools. They keep their stock fully updated with quality products in order to provide the ultimate shopping experience to their customers. They also offer hassle-free returns and fast delivery to provide great convenience.

    To shop your products, you can visit

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