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  • Wed 14th Mar 2018 - 10:20am

    Are you looking for a store from where you can buy backpack online South Africa? If yes, then you must check into Blades & Triggers for the same. Blades & Triggers is one of the best online stores to purchase strong and durable backpacks. You can buy products from this store at quite affordable prices, enjoy a safe and a secure shopping and can also shop from any of their 9 retail branches. Their only mission is to provide their customers with 100% satisfaction by providing them with wide range of top notch quality service and products, all delivered by good and friendly staff who are experienced and knowledgeable in this particular field.

    Below mentioned is a list of products offered by Blades & Triggers:

    · Archery- This range includes products such as arrows, recurve bows for sale, crossbows, compound bows, broad heads, arrow rests, target and butt sights and many more.

    · Carry gear and bags- This includes backpacks, holsters, gun cases, pistol cases, range bags, magazine and ammo pouches and more.

    · Paintball- this includes hoppers, barrels, bottles, masks, triggers, markers, ammo, duffels and other accessories.

    · Swords and knives- this includes tactical pens, survival hunting knife, folding knives, diving knives, swords, throwing knives and more.

    · Optics and accessories- This comprises of scopes, reflex sights, spotting scopes, ring mounts, mounts, lasers and flashlights, range finders, laser designators, trail cams and more.

    · Other categories- this includes footwear, clothing, self defense torches, batteries, walkie talkie, martial arts, targets and more.

    The first retail outlet of Blades & Triggers was opened in 1997and now it has around 9 retail stores and a popular online store. It grew steadily after its establishment and 2008 was the year of its substantial growth. The team believes that in order to be successful, there are certain factors that must be followed religiously. Things such as hosting promotions and sales, servicing sold products, providing customers with wide range to choose from and defined knowledge in this industry is what that has earned them a good reputation in the market and have them made them best.

    Therefore, whether you want to buy backpacks or even self defense flashlight, you can truly count on Blades & Triggers for buying them. Therefore, visit them today and buy some of their best products at great prices.

    For more information about Blades & Triggers, please visit

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