TopicLose it With Chi

  • Wed 14th Mar 2018 - 10:15am

    First you need to "Clean-Up" your diet. What does Thin From Within Reviews that mean exactly? There are four simple things you can do.

    - Reduce or eliminate refined carbohydrates. Sugars and processes flour cause an insulin spike. Insulin is the chemical in the body that causes fat retention. Refined carbohydrates are known as empty calories. In other words, they add very little value to your diet.

    - Increase protein intake. Protein is what muscle is made of and does two things. First it is required to build/repair muscle tissue when you are recovering from exercise. If you are not exercising, it at a minimum helps maintain the muscle you have. Second, protein reduces hunger. It causes the release of hormones, which tells your brain that you are no longer hungry. As protein takes longer to digest than refined carbohydrates, you feel full much longer.

    - Increase your fiber intake. Fiber is very important to keep the digestive tract moving and helps you feel full. You can get fiber from supplements, from fruit, and from vegetables. The best source is from raw vegetables. Fruits are OK as are supplements, but vegetables don't contain the excess sugars as fruit does, which can increase calories and turn to fat.



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