TopicPreventing Hair Loss With Proper Hair Regime - 3 Simple Steps You Should Apply

  • Wed 14th Mar 2018 - 7:09am

    The response of hair follicles to DHT is however Hair Fall Remedies predetermined by genetics. Genetics is the what determines the structure of the sites to which the DHT molecule binds. Some follicles have sites that will completely be over whelmed by the presence of this molecule. Under normal circumstances, however, there is a natural balance that exists between testosterone and DHT. There are natural inhibitors that inhibit the formation of DHT. Owing to aging and genetics, these inhibitors begin to be overpowered and the production of DHT increases. The reasons for this may be due to natural aging while in some cases it may be due to diet or disease.

    There are other people who take supplements that can boost performance in sports and other recreational activities. These supplements are steroid derivatives and therefore have an effect on the balance of androgens which include testosterone. These substances thus elevate the levels of testosterone in the body, thus increasing the chances of DHT formation. Once DHT is formed, hair loss and baldness may be the result.

    So, it is true that your testosterone may just be the culprit that is causing your hair loss. It should be noted however baldness caused by testosterone follows a specific pattern that is characteristic of this kind of baldness that is why it is called male pattern baldness. There are also other factors that need to be looked at which can be the root causes of baldness. These include nutrition. Nutrition plays a very important role in hair maintenance. Nutrition can stop the problem of testosterone causing baldness. This is so, for nutrition will ensure that all the vitamins and minerals that are required in activating the inhibitors of DHT are always present, making it almost impossible for DHT to accumulate. When DHT is kept in check, so will baldness caused by testosterone.


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