TopicIs There a Shampoo For Scalp Acne and Scalp Bumps?

  • Wed 14th Mar 2018 - 7:05am

    Although the word worm is in the name, ringworm is not Snacks For Pregnant caused by a worm or any other kind of animal. Ringworm in humans is a fungus infection. It can affect people or animals. The name ringworm comes from the tell-tale red ring that appears on the infected person's skin.

    The trademark look of ringworm on humans is the reddish round rash on the skin with normal looking skin in the center. In addition the rash may be crusty and hard to the touch. The human head is also susceptible to this fungal infection, especially the scalp. Although ringworm of the scalp may show up as the signature round ring, it may also reveal itself as a small sore similar to a pimple that slowly enlarges over time.

    One of the unsightly side effects of ringworm of the scalp is that it creates bald spots. What occurs is the hair inside the scalp of the infected area becomes hard and then breaks at the base. Another very well known type of ringworm in humans is athletes foot. Although it does not have the same ring-like look as ringworm it still can show up as a red crusty rash that is very itchy. Fortunately most athletes food is not difficult to treat and over the counter treatments generally will easily clear it up. No matter which type of ringworm you encounter, one thing must be noted; all types are very contagious and can spread quickly through direct contact.

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