TopicWhy Aren't You Using the Best Moisturizer Lotion?

  • Wed 14th Mar 2018 - 6:50am

    There are many products going by the name of natural cosmetics. The packages have names sounding similar to Rejuven 360 botanical or plant names. But beware; these are not real natural products, though they are labeled as such. They are all synthesized products in a laboratory, or sometimes they may contain only some extraction from plants. Apart from the fact that such applications may not give you the desired effect, in the reverse they may result in allergic reaction on your skin. So, beware before your sing these products. It is best to spot them in a reputed outlet, and ensure that the manufacturer has brand value to the product.How sure are you about the perfumes? Most of the perfumes available in the market are made of chemicals. It is well known that chemicals can cause havoc on your skin. They can be harsh on your skin, and by chance if you apply them on sensitive parts, or if you have sensitive skin, you will land up in skin disorders, requiring more attention than necessary. While the product label might claim that the perfume is free from chemical ingredients, it is difficult to believe that the perfume itself might have been used to mask the chemical odors and to cheat the gullible people they may have mentioned on the labels of the packages as preservatives.

    Let it be clearly understood that the only topical application which is not made out of any chemical and which does not require a preservative is only petroleum jelly. This simply means all other cosmetics are chemical products, however different the manufacturers may claim.Man more than woman is a creature of habit and as one of the early signs of adulthood, an adolescents facial hair begin to appear. Anxious to become a man the practice of this morning ritual begin. More often than not the young man will take on the same shaving practice as his father and that may or may not be a good thing.



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