TopicFaecal Incontinence - You Know You Have it, But Do You Know Why?

  • Tue 13th Mar 2018 - 11:52am

    The second type of compression bandage is the long gender exclusive knee replacement Review stretch bandage. These cover larger areas of the body as compared to the short bandages. They apply uniform pressure over the entire area and have higher pressure than the short bandages. Hence it is recommended that they are not worn throughout the entire day and removed when the patient is resting. These are also known as stretch bandages since they can be stretched up to three times of their original size when used on any body part. These are mostly used on patients whose condition is severe. They are more powerful as compared to the short bandages and must be removed before the patient goes to bed.

    Compression bandages are recommended for various medical conditions and the type of bandage is dependent on the severity of the condition. This treatment helps in reversing the condition where fluids have accumulated in a certain part of the body. It is also instrumental in retaining the elasticity of the skin and provides results that massage therapy provides.

    Blood is an extremely essential substance needed in our body, in order for us to live. It performs the vital role of transporting nutrients and oxygen to our body cells. Due to its importance, various medical breakthroughs were made which led to the modernization of blood banking.

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