Topic 4 Things to Look For When Your Child Is Starting to Read

  • Sat 24th Feb 2018 - 9:31am

    Arkansas was the scene of 14 battles and over 700 Reading Head Start Review conflicts during the Civil War. Arkansas had three main battle theaters, the Ozarks, Delta, and Little Rock. Union armies soon found Arkansas to be strategic asset because of its access to the Mississippi river and apparent gateway to the southwest from Missouri.The Union Victory at Prairie Grove a few weeks later solidified control of the region. In December, 1862, more than 11,000 Confederates fought against Union forces at Prairie Grove, in an attempt to prevent the Federal occupation of Fort Smith, with supplies and reinforcements running low, their efforts failed.

    In January 1863 waterway commerce was vital to both sides for the transport of supplies and reinforcements of any battlefield confrontation along the borders of those waterways. The Northerners were determined to secure control of the Mississippi and Arkansas rivers. They knew controlling these water ways would certainly crush a big part of the Confederacy ability to supply their armies. Some 30,000 Union troops slipped down the White River and attacked the Rebel troops protecting the waterway. The Arkansas River was at stake when 30,000 Union troops overwhelmed 5,000 Confederates on high ground at a horseshoe bend in the river, known as Arkansas Post. Subsequently Union forces occupied Little Rock by Sept. 10, 1863.


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    I will definitely look for these things once one of my top essay writing services kids starts reading. If I can't find any of these things in my child when he starts reading, it would be really sad for me. I don't want to be sad right now.

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